Hard Work TShirt

Hard Work TShirt


I grew up swinging a hammer with my grandfather, working for our families construction agency. It taught me the value of hard work and a healthy work ethic.

I've always admired and feared bees, they're a constant theme in my personal life. They're perfect examples for what it means to be a hard worker. They're selfless, smart, work together to achieve a singular goal, and unknowingly their work makes many aspects of life on Earth possible.

When you think backbreaking work, there aren't many things tougher than a blacksmith and their anvil. They both take a beating from punishing work, but together create works of art and design solutions for everyday life.

"It's not rocket science" is the line in the sand for what we think of as "hard to do".

It's my hope that you are energized and excited to do your best work, no matter how hard it may feel.

Shirt Details:

  • Deep Heather Grey color

  • Feels softer than a 100% cotton shirt

  • Stretchy

  • 52% Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton

  • 48% Poly

  • 30 Single

  • 4.2 Oz.

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