Pro-Tip: Google Drawing Hints for Better Diagrams and Flows

One thing I do frequently as a User Experience Architect is make diagrams.

It's one of my favorite things to do actually. There's something about visualizing a process so  everyone can understand it, one simple step at a time, that's fun. And then adding a little pollish so they don't look so dry and cold.

If you haven't made these type of flow diagrams before, you may not know that each symbol has a specific use and meaning. It's hard to remember what all of them mean when you're working though.. 

When I create them in Axure I find myself looking them up on Google just to make sure I'm using everything correctly.

But Google Drawing knows what's up and makes things easy.


Hover over the shape and viola.

You get a tooltip with the shape name which hints at how it should be used. 

Hover on the icon to see it's flowchart name in Google Drawing

I made a reference document if to make things a little easier if you want to see all the options at once.