Nighttime Design - Instagram

In a previous post, I made a case that nighttime app design should be a common practice. 

The premise

your phone knows what time it is and how much ambient light there is. Apps should adjust certain aspects of the design based on this available data.

The purpose

An improved viewing experience with a hope that maybe it could be more healthy for everyone as well.


Instagram Nighttime App Design

The next app on my list is Instagram.

I chose darker shades of blue to stay in the same ballpark brand wise.

To reiterate, the main goal was to cut down on the harsh white light where possible and make the color tones less intense. 


Day & Night Comparison

It may be worth noting that the concept design aspect of my Nighttime Design posts are a little different than other concept designs. The reason being, I'm not proposing new use cases, new features or a new User Interface ideas. Thes mockups explore different color options that will lower the overall screen brightness.

The changes are minimal, but that's been my intent. To make nighttime use more pleasant, nothing else. Thanks for reading!

What apps do you use at night?

Is there an app you use regularly in low light, I'd love to hear about it.
Send  a suggestion and I'll create a night time design concept if inspiration strikes.

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