ASTROBOT is a lifestyle brand I created as a personal exercise in branding, design, apparel and eCommerce.



I always loved making logos, so I spent a lot of time working on the logo mark for Astrobot. Many terrible versions and iterations later, months worth, I finally arrived at the condensed type with the rocket hidden in the letter "O". 

When it finally came together, it felt natural. It seemed obvious and simple, which I loved about it. Black and yellow is my favorite color combination, so that was an easy choice. 


One of my early goals was to do pop up shops because I used to book and promote music shows. It seemed just like sitting at a merch table from one of my old bands. 

I haven't done many, but it was a good learning experience and I plan on doing some again in the future. 

 Me and my nephew at a pop up show

Me and my nephew at a pop up show


A lot of the motivation for Astrobot came from missing the days when I created t-shirts and art for the bands I was in. I always wanted to do more of that, and I thought starting an apparel line would be a fun expirament. 

The biggest mistake I made was picking shopify as my eCommerce system. It's a great platform but has limitations that can be pretty annoying. The main problem for me was the payment/subscription model. I already pay for server space where I host other sites. So paying extra for shopify just wasn't working for a new brand that is still trying to build awareness. 

I've since switched to Woo Commerce built on Wordpress, which is a more affordable option that I should have went with first. Live and learn.